February 8th, 2017

The first news post, yay! That is a good sign![citation needed] I assume nothing pushes one more to work than going public with it, no? So, status report:

  • Uploaded some of the playable rooms backgrounds
  • Uploaded a few teaser sprites
  • Uploaded a demo version of a song from the soundtrack
  • A little bit of info on the game and the original games
  • First news entry!
  • First news entry recursion joke.

About 'Under Construction'

Halfquake: Under Construction is a fan project that started as a joke. Now, really. While experimenting with a freshly acquired licence for the Game Maker engine and being an huge fan of the Halfquake game mods, I jokingly created a 'victim simulator' - victim being the official nominal declaration of the Halfquake series' protagonist.

That being done (one room, not much), I wanted to create more. Thus I decided to carry this project further and contacted Muddasheep, the creator of the Halfquake series. And he seemed to like the idea. Yay!

Under Construction will not be a game modification, as the official games are. It will be a 2D, sidescrolling, story-driven game. But ...why?

There is a reason for that. I pretty much enjoyed the official webcomic coming along the second installment of Halfquake, called Halfquake Amen. And this led to my decision to arrange the game along the webcomic's style. (And it was easy to extract sprites in the first development stages! But psshhht!)

I present the games shortly, the official ones at least. You should definitively check out Muddasheep's official homepage. Not only is he a pretty neat game creator, musician and artist, his devoted fan base is a really creative bunch of people. And it is definitively worth checking out. At least when his homepage is not currently imploding.

About Halfquake

The Halfquake series of games is... special. Let's look at some quotes:
"Interesting, in a very sick way." -Hangar16 Review
"This mod killed Bambi's mother." -Planet Phillip
"Really the sickest mod I know and one of the best games I've ever played." -Half-Life Portal
These games are hard and frustrating. But it is tightly knot to a dark sense of humor, so that is fair. I am heavily impressed by the artistic feel of these games and how much of the craftmanship you can sense while playing them. Custom music, art style and many (creativley implemented) gameplay modes. You should definitively check the following things out if you like Under Construction or maybe even before you play it.

Halfquake Amen.The game of the series that HQ:UC relates to most. It will be difficult. It will be frustrating. But it will also be hilarious. You can also download the soundtrack - as all of Muddasheep's music (hint, hint). If you went through this game, you understand the concept of the Halfquake series pretty well. To make you suffer >)

The offical Amen webcomic. A fun read. The whole thing with Under Construction is to adapt the comic in some kind of playable experience. The comic is complete and has roughly 300 strips. Totally worth a read! A lot of things referenced in Under Construction come from the webcomic and cannot be found in the games. Personal Halfquake. The official browser game. Also the official message board. It is not really active, though. BUT! it's style is the same as the official webcomic's. And it got a lot jokes inside there. APPLES APPLES APPLES!

Behold, images and sound!



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